Sysmä Vaakuna

Sysmän Suvisoitto Music Festival


Sysmän Suvisoitto music festival has been organized since 1986.  It brings many celebrities to Sysmä and offers enjoyment in very idyllic concert venues like churches, manor houses, old cow houses etc.  
Music is a wonderful international language, no words are needed!
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Sysmä Bookvillage Days

The "booktown" concept was initiated by Richard Booth in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, U.K.
It offers an exemplary model of sustainable rural development and tourism.  It is one of the most succesful new tourism developments and is being followd in many countries.
Every second year the member countries have a book related festival together.  The last festival  took place in Tvedestrand, Norway 2-4.5.2014 and the next one will be held in Swirzerland.

Sysmä Bookvillage is a charter member of International Organization of Booktowns.  There are already 16 members in this international family of booktowns.  Please visit and you get to visit each bookvillage.  The newest members come from Malaysia and Australia.

Book town or book village is a small rural town or village in which second-hand and antiquarian bookshops are concentrated.  Al bookvillages are situated in scenic places, where there is a lot to offer for a tourist.


Sysmä organizes an annual book event "Sysmän Kirjakyläpäivät" in early July.  Please click the page to see a detailed program.

The Crazyest Saturday Market

The crazyest Saturday is organized by Sysmä Entrepreneurs´Association and gathers a lot of sales people from all over Finland on our market place.  The idea of this event started about 25 years ago having our local shops selling their stock and items from their storages, but then bit by bit it turned into a bigger event.
This event takes place on Saturday the 8th of June 2013.  It is organized annually on week 23....naturally on Saturday.

St. Olof Days Fair

St. Olof Days is a relaxed event in the end of July.  The fixed date is always close to the death date of Saint Olaf, the eternal king of Norway, this date is the 29th of July.  The year when he died was 1030.  The main idea of celebrating St.Olof Days is to give something to everybody, children, grown-ups, old people.  This event gather those who spend their summer vacation in Sysmä and our local population together.  Usually we don´t translate the program into English, but if you are interested in this, please contact Mrs. Raija Hänninen, she will tell you about the program or make a brief translation for you. 

Kirkko Soi - musical event at St Olof church

Sysmä´s medieval St. Olof church gives a fantastic and idyllic venue for this musical event in August.  This is one of our newest events, held four times before, but has certainly taken it´s place among other cultural festivities.  

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