Sysmä Vaakuna


K-Super Market Suvituuli

Entrepreneurs Pekka and Kati Töyrylä
Särkilahdentie 4, 19700 Sysmä
+358 3 873 670 ( in Finnish)
mostly groceries


Särkilahdentie 3, 19700 Sysmä
+358 3 87 13 125
mostly groceries


Ohrasaarentie 2, 19700 Sysm' (in Finnish)

Market squares

Good people´s market square

An idea of  having Good people´s market square came from a local Junior Chamber International club in 1995. "Good people" means ordinary folk, you and me.  You don´t have to be a movie star or a statesman to have a monument of your own.  The market square was made in co-operation with Sysmä municipality.  2600 Sysmä residents have their palm prints on concrete plates, women have their left hand and men their right hand. Some families have their own plate.  Each plate is numbered and has each person´s initials.  All plates with numbers and names of people are saved on computor and can be found in Sysmä municipal office. 

Former statesman Johannes Virolainen was a patron of this project.

In the summertime you´ll find local products here; vegetables, potatoes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, lingon berries, red-, black and white currant, mushrooms etc.

Some very special days like the Crazyest Saturday in early June and St. Olof Days during the last weekend in July give an extra flavor to our market life.  Then we have hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over Finland selling their products.

Special shops

Sysmä offers a wide range of different shops or stores.  If you are looking for something and don´t know where to get it, please call Mrs. Raija Hänninen +358 44 7134 511, or drop a line or two to and you will have a very quick answer.

Sysmän kunta, Valittulantie 5, 19700 SYSMÄ, puhelin 03 84310, e-mail: