How to use water after rinsing process of waterpipelines

13.01.2022 15:22

Kategoria: Terveyspalvelut

Contamination of tap water in Sysmä                      January 13, 2022


How to use water after rinsing process of waterpipeline

-no smell of chlorine, not blurry and it looks clear / then it´s ok


Short information in English for all households at contaminated areas in Sysmä:


Drinking water
All drinking water and water used for preparing or cooking food, must be boiled at least 5 minutes.
Water boiled in this matter will be ready for drinking after it cools.


You can either machine wash or hand wash clothes as soon as water is clear and does not have any smell.


Water can be used for showering, including washing babies´ bottoms


You can wash dishes, when water is clear and doesn´t smell.  When handwashed, it is recommended to use boiled water for rinsing. When using dishwasher, it´s recommended to use high temperatures.  All dishes and cutlery must be dry before using them.


Cleaning and flushing toilet
Water can be used normally for cleaning and flushing.  Note! Surfaces which are in touch with groceries, must be cleaned with boiled water.


Animals are not as sensitive to this kind of bacteria as we humans.  Animals are in touch with bacterias naturally .  If you want to you can give boiled water to your pets, but it is not necessary.